Chesapeake terrace rubble landfill


For more than 25 years the residents of Woodwardville and the surrounding community have been fighting to keep Chesapeake Terrace Rubble Landfill, an industrial rubble landfill, from being established within its boundaries and adjacent to Historic Woodwardville.

In May of 2018 residents received news that the Maryland Court of Appeals will be reviewing and possibly issuing another judgement, seemingly the final step in a decades long court battle. However, the decision was not helpful or in favor of the community or the surrounding areas. We have the support of our local government officials but they don't make the final decisions with this particular case.

Can you imagine 600 tractor trailers and dump truck loads of rubble fill using Route 3 and Conway Roads?

Can you imagine the environmental impacts of this landfill resting above aquifers that feed into the Crofton and Bowie water supply?

Can you imagine the air pollution and noise from a rubble fill?

Can you imagine once the landfill is full it will be visible from areas of Piney Orchard?

Residents of Woodwardville and the surrounding community are asking that concerned county residents join voices with them in the continued effort to fight Chesapeake Rubble Landfill by calling or writing letters to their county representatives. Reminder, this landfill is not new and has already been approved by Anne Arundel County. Local residence continue to fight. There is an appeal currently pending in the case.

Information regarding the legal proceedings can be found HERE.

For further information please contact us by email using the link below.